The Two Terrible Trombones...


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Michael Eversden and David Tyler put on a spectacular show for junior school children in which the children learn about the symphony orchestra with it's various instruments but in particular the trombone section. At the end the children know how a sound is produced on a brass insrument and what fun music making can be!
This educational entertainment could be ideal to put on during a project week.
The demonstration opens with a jazzy duet. After a short introduction we tell the children about our profession, that of orchestral musicians. On the stage are a multitude of brass instruments and of course the whole trombone family! Each section of the symphony orchestra is talked about briefly before going on to the brass. A hosepipe and funnel are used to show how a sound can be produced before then playing the 'famous' duet for hosepipe and trombone!

We talk about the trumpet, horn and tuba before then going on to show all aspects of the trombone.
The trombone is well known for it's 'slidy' sound effects which we demonstrate of course! We then go on to the whole trombone family from bass to tenor, alto and even the rare soprano trombone. We even show and play the obsolete 'G' bass and valve trombones. On each instrument we play a popular tune the children will recognise.
We also demonstrate all the mutes used to create different effects.
To finish off we play a theatre piece - Either "The Two Terrible Trombones", or ‘Tammo and his Trombone”. These pieces, with simple and humorous story lines, consist of music, dialogue and crazy sound effects and are full of fun!
We are both bilingual so the demonstration can be given in Dutch or English.